Cylander NPA website is live!

Cylander, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and producing free cybersecurity knowledge, has launched a new website. The organization's mission is to empower individuals and organizations to protect themselves against cyber threats, regardless of their background, education, or resources.

Cylander's approach to creating education materials is centered around three key principles: accessibility, relevance, and interactivity. By incorporating these principles into its materials, Cylander aims to engage learners and help them develop practical cybersecurity skills.

The organization works with a team of cybersecurity experts and educators who bring a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to the table. It also engages with stakeholders from different sectors to ensure that its education materials reflect the latest best practices and are relevant to the needs of different audiences.

In the short term, Cylander aims to create widespread awareness of its free cybersecurity education materials and gather feedback on its learning profiles and curricula for its profiles. The organization will work to engage with the open-source community and continue to develop new materials.

Cylander's mission is to foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness and education, helping individuals and organizations build the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves against cyber threats. By pursuing its objectives, Cylander hopes to make a meaningful impact on the cybersecurity landscape and contribute to a safer and more secure digital environment for all.